A Guide to the Augsburg Confession

The reformers were compelled to confess the true faith and challenge corrupt practices—this is what the Augsburg Confession is about.

Article by Rev. Dr. Mark Mattes

The Augsburg Confession: A Guide for the PerplexedJust as living things have DNA, a blueprint of their identity, so churches have their own “DNA,” confessions which state what they believe. Such documents provide the ABCs or basics of faith and tell others where a church stands on important issues. For Lutherans, the primary means of instruction in the faith other than the Bible is Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. But in terms of a public statement of faith, the most important document for Lutherans is the Augsburg Confession (also known as the “Augustana” from its Latin name, Confessio Augustana), adhered to by all Lutheran churches throughout the world. Lutherans believe that the Augsburg Confession is a faithful summary of Christian faith, a statement to which we should adhere because it is faithful to the Bible.

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