Rev. Robert Speirs
Luther Memorial Church, Associate Pastor

P: 515.262.1392
E: [email protected]

Samantha Fash
Luther Memorial Church, Administrative Director

P: 515.442.0219
E: [email protected]

Dr. Trisha Wheelock
Director of Faith Life at Grand View University

The Moses Project, Program Director

Lecturer of Religion

P: 515.263.6009
E: [email protected]

Kate Faas
Director of The NEXUS Institute

P: 515.263.6104
E: [email protected]

Levi Faas
Associate Director of Campus Ministry

P: 515.262.1392
E: [email protected]

Deanna “Nan” Veach
FCA, Central Iowa Area Representative

P: 515.727.1868
E: [email protected]