At a Glance | Mother’s Day

Luther Memorial’s Weekly Update | May 08, 2021

LMC’s Pastoral Intern ~ Jarrod Thomas

Installation of Jarrod

Jarrod Thomas just completed his first year at Grand View where he is a theology major. After graduation, he
plans to attend seminary.
Join us this Sunday as we install Jarrod into his role. And be sure to say hi to Jarrod’s parents who are especially
proud of their son.


As we end the semester, we look forward to a great new year in the fall! Thanks to Kairo DSM for blessings us tonight.

Building Bridges with Grand View

On Monday, 27 students from Grand View filled the church’s community room in order to plan summer admission events for the university. The morning began with coffee, treats, ice-breaking activities, and a whole lot of spirit. This is the third GV student leadership group to use the new space. Your generosity makes this possible. Thank you for your support!

Weekly Prayer: “Do not be anxious about anything, let your requests be made known to God” (Phil 4:6)

“Prayer for those leaving jail”

May Jesus grant you vision to see yourself as a new creation. May he give you the strength to take up new habits. May he grant you mercy and surround you with people who believe in you. May he provide all that you need to flourish as a human being. May he help you to feel loved during both difficult and joyful moments. We pray we will see you again in this life, but not again in prison. Amen.

Last Week Statistics

Morning Services – 56 Attendees

Online Worship – 61 Attendees

We are small in number but mighty in Spirit!