Grand View University Connection

Grand View and Luther Memorial have had over a century of connection. The relationship between them has been not only been mutually beneficial but has been critical in the mission of each and in seeing the Gospel proclaimed and lived out. We’re happy to say that the relationship continues and is thriving. Here are some of the ways we’ve seen cooperation between GVU and LMC recently:

Tuesday Chapel: LMC hosts GV’s weekly Chapel during the school year from 11-11:20am.

LMC <3 GVU Events: we make a point to cheer on our Vikings throughout the year and in different sports. Your LMC <3 GVU t-shirt gets you free admission!

Drinks & Hymns: LMC and Campus Ministry work together to put on Drinks & Hymns each year. Approximately 100 church members and students, staff, and faculty come together for this time of community and fun in what is becoming a key tradition between both ministries.

Sunday School & Vacation Bible School: Campus Ministry enjoys helping select students to be Sunday School teachers and key volunteers for VBS to help teach the children about Jesus.

The Little Free Food Pantry: This ministry not only ties together Grand View and Luther Memorial, but it has also been having an impact on neighborhood families. We are happy to be working together to fight food insecurity on campus and on the east side.

Peer Ministry: Peer Ministry has had an incredible kingdom impact in the Church and on campus. If you haven’t been certified as a peer minister, I strongly encourage you to contact Angie about taking the class.

Staffing: Both Luther Memorial and Campus Ministry continue to share staff. Because of this partnership, both organizations are capable of having a great staff at work in the ministries that they may not otherwise be able to support. Additionally, we see the kind of synergy between LMC and GV Campus Ministry that is unimaginable without such a close tie as shared staff.

These are only some of the ways that Grand View and Luther Memorial Church have connected. However, one of the most important connections is hard to quantify: it is the countless number of relationships that are built over coffee, during the sharing of the peace or walking through the parking lot on the way into the building. All the programs we share are wonderful, but the most important thing that we share is a community of people committed to Christ who care for one another.