Weakness and Strength

I did not know what to expect as we moved into fall. Though summer had been busy and filled with preparation for the school year, God had other plans. An unexpected hospitalization with acute diverticulitis left me broken, humiliated, and angry. I was mad at God for the inconvenience because I had many tasks yet to complete and was running out of time. It was on my fourth day in the hospital when God’s word came to me: “My grace is sufficient for you, for strength is perfected in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9). Leaving the hospital, I felt weak but knew God is strong and in control.

God has truly blessed the church these past few months. First, the students in Campus Ministry are doing a great job with Chapel, Kairos, and Alpha. Though many of these student-leaders are new to leadership, they are doing so well. Second, members of the church have stepped up to establish and strengthen our committees. One particular blessing is the Sunday School program being developed by Carol Mattes and Jordan Fash. Carol brings her Montessori experience and Jordan has spent many years in children’s ministry. Together they are building a Sunday School program to be proud of. Third, Pastor Robert Speirs has been a wonderful addition to our team as he is heading up our visitation ministry. His appreciation to detail is much needed. Finally, our giving has remained strong as the income is close to our budget goals. Though there is a giving deficit of $2000, a strong fall of generous giving through offerings will help us reach our goal.

I was broken heading into this fall. Your giving of your time, talents, and treasure has not only blessed the college students, Sunday School, and visitation ministry, it has also blessed me. Seeing God work through you has brought healing to my soul. God’s grace is truly sufficient in our weakness.

With love,

Pastor Russ